heat it® - mosqito bites treatment

The ingenious insect bite solution Europe have been itching for. 

heat it® - mosqito and bug bites treatment - benefits

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QUICK TREATMENT - Heat it can relieve itching, burning and pain from mosquitoes, wasps and insects. Very easy to use with the heat it app and your smartphone.

HEAT PROCESSATION - The treatment of concentrated heat (52°C) works without chemicals and is medical provention. You can treat your insect bites reliably and uncomplicated way.

FOR THE FULL FAMILY - You can adjust the heat individually according to your needs with our free app. Can be used for children aged 4 and up. Self-treatment from 12 years.

SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PRACTICAL - Heat it is the ideal companion for everyday life, travel and sports. Always on your key ring and weighs only 4 grams.

MADE IN GERMANY - Use it up to 1.000 times with a single charge on your phone. No batteries are required, providing you with an innovative high level of safety and no follow-up cost.
heat it bug bite treatment with your phone
Made in Germany

Since 2019, we are a certified medical device manufacturer with our own development and production in the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe. In the meantime, more than 15 clever minds are working in various departments of our medtech startup. From procurement, to production, to shipping: we don't leave anything out of our hands.
heat it -Innovation

The idea originally came about in 2017 during a student competition. Fed up with mosquito bites, we tried out the treatment using concentrated heat and were immediately convinced by the active principle, but not by the available products. Too clunky, never with us and inflexible! So we decided to take the development into our own hands.

heat it - bug bite device for Iphone and Android

heat it - Electronic Insect Bite Device with Your Smartphone - Chemical-Free Relief of Itching and Pain with Heat - For Android (USB-C)

heat it is a certified medical device and suitable for children from 4 years of age (self-use from 12 years of age).
heat it Against Insect Bites for IPhone and Android. heat it is a smart little technical device with short-term heat treatment against insect bites. Fast-acting treatment that helps relieve the need to scratch the skin using concentrated heat. Can be used against mosquitoes, bees, wasps and wasps. The device plugs into a smartphone’s charging port and the heat can be adjusted depending on sensitivity. Easy to carry and can be attached to the key ring.
heat it fits Iphone and android smartphones. · Heat treatment against insect bites · Can be used for bites from, among other things, mosquitoes and wasps · Easy to carry with you on, for example, your key ring

As a medical product, heat it meets the highest standards. Your smartphone and its battery are optimally protected thanks to a sophisticated safety concept.

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